St Cadoc's, Raglan

 St Cadoc's 2014


  • Margaret Lawrence
  • Neville Crump
  • Clare Bradly
  • Jenny Swattridge
  • Sue Russell
  • Donald Spencer

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Brief History

The first Church in Raglan would have been a log hut with a thatched roof, or made of sods and wattle and mud constructed in the 6th century.  The spot was an ideal ‘church point’ with a ‘church village’ close by.  Four ancient tracks would have met at Raglan just as four roads meet outside the churchyard wall today (Monmouth Road, High Street, Castle Street and Chepstow Road).  The brook would have been useful for baptisms and there was possibly a hermit’s cell beside it.  

The foundation of the current church has been attributed to St. Dewi but the Church was dedicated to St Cadoc, the Patron Saint of Monmouthshire.  It is partly fourteenth century with additions dating from the 15th century.  It suffered much damage during the Civil War, and was partly restored by 1698.  In the 1860’s further restoration and enlargement took place. 

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Raglan History Detectives

For the past four years children from Raglan VC Primary School become 'History Detectives' after school on tuesdays during term time to learn about local history through exploring St Cadoc's Churchyard  and investigating the lives of the people buried there.  Learn more about the History Detectives

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