RAGLAN / RHAGLAN (Gwe) Raghelan (1254). Meaning: probably from WELSH rhag 'fore' and glan 'bank', hence 'ramprt'. 

Raglan Village (1254) exists in the shadow of Raglan Castle. The link between the Castle and Village was broken after the castle was destroyed in 1646. Subsequently, the Duke of Beaufort, owner of the ruins of Raglan Castle and the lands surrounding Raglan continued to be an important influence in Village life until 1920 when his lands were sold. Duringthe Napoleonic Wars, travelers began to take an interest in the beauty of Wales and were drawn to Raglan Castle. Today the Village has a lively and friendly reputation with three Church's, three pubs, two butchers, a primary school and health centre along with other assorted shops.... and, of course, the Castle  

Annual Lecture subscription is £12 per person. New members are always welcome!

Raglan and District Local History Group

Lectures and Outings:

MEETINGS take place at St Cadoc’s Church,  at 7:30pm on the fourth Thursday of the month – except September when the lecture begins at 7:00pm followed by the AGM.  Annual Lecture subscription is £12 per person.

The Annual Tea party takes place in the afternoon in mid March at St Cadoc’s Church in Raglan

The Summer outings take place between June - September   

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Activities, Winter Lecture programme and Tea Party 2016-2017

NOTE: Winter Lectures are held  at 7:30pm in the Lady Chapel, St Cadoc's Church, Raglan.


January 26th

The Industrial History of the Royal Forest of Dean:  Iron, Timber, Stoneand Coal  

talk by Pete Ralph

February 23rd

The Historic Houses of Monmouthshire and the Usk Valley lost and/or under threat

talk by Jeremy Bosenquet

March 23rd

Ralph  The Mysterious Story of John Cabot & Matthew

Talk by Richard Clammer

Annual Tea Party

April 8th

Talk by Susan Flander-Woodhouse

For more information please contact 


Activities, Winter Lecture programme and Tea Party 2015-2016

Raglan Local History Group Exhibition, Sept, 2015 

NOTE: Winter Lectures are held in the Lady Chapel, St Cadoc's Church, Raglan.


7.30pm - 24th September 2015 – Sarah Clay - 'Pontypool Japanware'

Pontypool japan is a name given to the process of japanning with the use of an oil varnish and heat which is credited to Thomas Allgood of Pontypool.  In the late 17th century, during his search for a corrosion-resistant coating for iron, he developed a recipe that included asphaltum, linseed oil and burnt umber.   Once applied to metal and heated the coating turned black and was extremely tough and durable.  The iron used was produced by the furnaces of Blaenavon and most of the 'Pontypool ware' was produced in Usk or Newport.


7.00pm - 22nd October – Richard Frame - 'The secret army in Monmouthshire during WW2'

Richard Frame is a well-known Newport historian and an active member of The Chartist Anniversary Committee and regularly gives fascinating talks, not only on the Secret Army, but on St Woollos Cemetry, John Frost and the prehistoric monuments of Gwent.  Our AGM follows Richard's talk.

7.30pm - 26th November – Bryan Davies 'Battle of Agincourt'

The Battle of Agincourt was a major English victory in The Hundred Years' War.  Bryan will give an interesting and lively talk with a slide show on the history of the battle.

7.30pm - 28th January 2016 – Alex Gibbon - 'The Mystery of Jack of Kent and the Fate of Owain Glyndwr'

Owain Glyndwr's story is powerful, spectacular and romantic and Alex combines history with folklore as he scrutinizes a connection traditionally said to have existed between the outlawed Glyndwr and a legendary character of the Welsh borders – 'Jack of Kent'.  In the fascinating scenario which unfolds, not only do we meet Glyndwr as never before, but we come finally to stand where Owain may have lain in silence for almost six hundred years.

7.30pm - 25th February – Tim Ryan – 'Severn Princess Restoration Group'

The first phase of restoration work has started on the derelict and historic Severrn Princess car ferry, the last remaining of a fleet of three ferries that provided a vital link across the Severn Estuary from 1931 until the opening of the Severn Bridge in 1966.  Once restored it is hoped that the Severn Princess will become a major feature on the Welsh Coastal path and form a permanent heritage attraction and reminder of Chepstow's history and importance to the economic growth of South Wales.

3pm - Saturday 16th April – Annual Tea Party – Steve Clarke

Eminent archaeologist Steve Clarke will be talking on the recent staggering archaeological discoveries found in Monmouthshire.  A fortified farmhouse, known as a 'crannog', built 4,900 years ago has been discovered together with other artefacts.  Crannogs were in prosperous developments reserved for the grandest of the grand – the crannog at Llangorse Lake might have belonged to a Dark Ages king.  These finds will shed a vast amount of light on the last stage of the Stone Age and Steve will enlighten us with his lively and interesting talk and slide show.

We meet in the Beaufort Chapel at St Cadoc's Church – a lovely venue and Non-members are welcome at £3 per talk.  Annual membership is £12.

Please phone Jenny Thomas (secretary) on 01600 716725 with any enquiries.

Summer Outings 2016

NOTE:  we are looking for a new coordinator for summer outings


Please contact our secretary, Jenny Thomas for updates on the programme: Jenny Thomas. tel: 01600 716 725 or email: 


The Raglan and District Local History Group meets at 7:30pm on the 4th Thursday of every month in the Lady Chapel, St Cadoc’s Church, Chepstow Road, Raglan.  We have a Winter programme of lectures, a spring Tea and a Summer programme of visits to places of historical interest.

New members are always welcome!  Annual Lecture subscription is £12 per person.

Winter Lecture programme and Tea 2014-2015

NOTE: Winter Lectures will now be held in the Lady Chapel, St Cadoc's Church, Raglan.

7.30pm Thursday 25th September 2014:  Dr Naylor Firth - 'Monmouthshire Oddments'.

7pm Thursday 23rd October 2014:   Stephen Clarke - 'The Story of Monmouth's Lost Lake'.

7.30pm Thursday 27th November 2014:  John Barnard - 'The Ruins of Roman Caerwent'.

December - Happy Christmas!

7.30pm Thursday 22nd January 2015:  Jonathan Jenkins - 'History of Howick Farm Chepstow from 1306 to present'.

7.30pm Thursday 26th February 2015:  Lena Dyche - 'Swedish History including the Vikings'.

Annual Tea Party on Saturday 28th March at 2.30 at the Raglan Park Golf Club - speaker to confirm by end of this week.

Please contact our secretary for updates on the programme: Jenny Thomas. tel: 01600 716 725 or email:


Winter Lecture programme 2014 - 2015


7.30pm   25th September 2014: Dr Naylor Firth - Monmouthshire Oddments

Dr Naylor Firth has degrees in Geology and Chemistry and has worked extensively in environmental sciences and field geology. He has travelled widely where his interest in colour photography has enabled him to assemble a large collection of images from which he illustrates all his talks. His other main interests include singing with Chepstow Male Voice Choir, gardening and carpentry. He was born in Chepstow.

The County of Monmouthshire contains a wealth of features reminding us of the historical events which have moulded its natural and man-made landscape. Castles and Churches are obvious features, but this talk concentrates on a diverse range of items which can easily be overlooked. Examples include mileposts, toll houses, WWII pill boxes, relics of copper and iron smelting, monkey-puzzle trees, bridges, dry valleys and a number of other quirky aspects of the County. Dr Firth can almost guarantee there will be one near you!

7pm   23rd October 2014: Stephen Clarke – Monmouth's Lost Lake [followed by AGM]

Eminent archaeologist and author Steve Clarke will be giving us a fascinating talk on the remarkable story of a huge Ice Age lake which survived in the bowl of Monmouth almost into Roman times and was overlooked by human settlements for thousands of years. His latest book is causing excitement across the archaeological world because of the interpretation of Bronze Age remains on the Parc Glyndwr building site between Rockfield Road and Watery Lane in Monmouth. From a blockage of the Wye Valley above Redbrook, the shore of the lake ran around the higher ground of Monmouth to Croft-y-Bwla, creating a lake some four kilometres across and at least six metres deep in lower Monnow Street and at Overmonnow. Excavation showed that the channels were a hundred feet long, perfectly parallel and level and contained evidence of wood-working … More on the night!

7.30pm  27th November 2014: John Barnard – The Ruins of Caerwent 

In addition to Caerwent, John Barnard is involved with the MOD at Dinham and has excavated with Operation Nightingale over the last 2 years, as well as Cardiff university students' field work study, and will share the findings with us. We'll welcome John Barnard to talk about 'The ruins of Roman Caerwent, once one of the largest towns in Wales. It was also the tribal capital of the Silures (Venta Silurum). Impressive fourth-century walls standing up to 17 feet high, excavated houses, forum-basilica and a Romano-British temple still remain. John will be bringing samples of pottery, artefacts and replicas, which will be fascinating.

7.30pm 22nd January 2015: Jonathan Jenkins – The History of Howick Farm

Jonathan will be giving an interesting talk and slide show on the history of Howick Farm from 1306 to the present.

7.30pm 26th February 2015: Lena Dyche – History of Sweden

Lena's talk incorporates everything from the early days to today – including the Vikings and wars etc. She is Swedish and lives in Monmouth. She has worked as a tour guide and teacher in various parts of Europe for 20 years. Among her many interests are history and lifestyles in different countries. She speaks six languages!

ANNUAL TEA PARTY: 28th March 2015 – hoping to get a lady or two doing something 'Medieval'! More later!

Winter Lecture programme 2013 – 2014

Thursday 26th September 2013 “The Great Severn Flood 1607”, Dr. Mark Lewis .  Followed by the AGM at 8pm

Thursday 24th October 2013 “Raglan Fallen”, Dr. Brinley Morgan

Thursday 28th November 2014 “Monmouthshire Agricultural Workers in the 1860’s” Peter Strong

December 2013 Merry Christmas & happy New Year!

Thursday 23rd January 2014 “Discovering the history of the Troy House Estate” Dr Ann Benson

Thursday 27th February 2014 “What two sisters did for Wales” David Harrison

Saturday 15th March ANNUAL TEA PARTY “The Nelson Museum - Monmouth” Sue Miles, Head Custodian. 3:00pm at Raglan Golf course clubhouse.  Tickets £10

Thursday 27th March  “Brunel in South Wales” Stephen Jones

Summer Outings 2014  

- 7pm 24th April (confirmed).  Usk Rural Life Museum - £3.75pp.

11 New Market Street, Usk, NP15 1AU.  (free parking available in Maryport Street car park situated at the rear of the museum.

The museum houses a unique collection of over 5000 artefacts from the smallest handtools and household items through to large agricultural machinery and vintage tractors.  It portrays rural life in Monmouthshire covering a period of about 100 years from 1850.  The collection is housed in a 16th century malt barn and an extensive collection of adjoining buildings.

- 7pm 22nd May (confirmed).  Shire Hall, Monmouth - £2.50pp.

Agincourt Square, Monthouth.

This is a Grade 1 listed building built in 1724 and is at least the fourth building on the site.  It was formerly the centre for the Assize Courts and Quarter Sessions for Monmouthshire and has an amazing history which we will learn about.  We will have an escort to show and explain the interior of the court house etc.

- 7pm 26th June (confirmed).  St Nicholas’s Church, Trellech (donations?)

The present church is held to date largely from the 13th and 14th centuries, and the magnificent spire was rebuilt around 1702.  There are wonderful stained glass windows and when the floor was disturbed at some point many skeletons were discovered and the obviously hurried burials were thought to be connected with the Great Plagues of 1340 and 1350!

- 7pm 24th July (hopefully!).  Llwyn-y-gaer, Tregare – further details later.

 Payment is made on the evening.

Winter Lecture programme 2012 – 2013
Thursday 27th September 2012 Annual General Meeting followed by an illustrated talk on “Medieval Medicine” Adrianne Jones

Thursday 25th October 2012  “The History of Abergavenny.    Chris Barber

Thursday 22nd November 2012“Bradney Houses in the Hundred of Raglan”  ,Roland Ward

December 2012 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Thursday 24th January 2013 “Joseph Garcia & the Llangybi Murders” Goff Brangham

Thursday 28th February 2013 “Charles Williams Charity of Caerleon,  Carl Stafford

Saturday 2nd March 2013.  Annual Tea Party “Newport Mediaeval Ship”(updates and further research) Bob Trett

Thursday 28th March 2013 History of Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal - Roger Foster

Winter Lecture programme 2011 – 2012

Thursday 22rd September 7pm. The History of Parce, France (our twin village), Archie Speirs, followed by AGM and announcement of 

Raglan School 2011 History Prize.

Archie Spiers, a member of the Parce Twinning Committee provides us with a guided tour of Parce, with diaporama, pointing out architectural features of different epoches.

Thursday 27th October. Village life in Old Raglan, Dr. Cheryl Morgan

Thursday 24th November. Dr Gareth John, ‘Glimpses of Gwent’

Thursday 26th January. British spies and Double Agents: Part 2, Dr. Brinley Morgan

Thursday 23rd February. ‘Tales from the Green Valleys’, Peter Sommers

Thursday 22nd March. Old documents and their accessibility, Bill Lloyd, Chapel Books

Please note that the date of the Annual Tea Party changed to Saturday, 24th March. 2:30pm. Tea Party at Raglan Golf Club. Our speaker Sian Rees, CADW will be talking on ‘A Career in Ruins’

Winter Lecture programme 2010 – 2011

Thursday 23rd September. 7pm. Winter in Tibet, by Elizabeth Friendship, followed by AGM

Thursday 28th October. The diary of Midshipman Marcus McCausland who served as part of the last naval circumnavigation of the world conducted under sail between 1868-1870 and known as the “Flying Squadron”. The presentation will include  fascinating insights into the voyage and ports of call  as well as many rare and historically important photographs bound into the diary including hostile aborigine chieftains, Japanese execution yards, and north American gold pioneers.  The presentation will also discuss the details surrounding the subsequent murder of Marcus McCausland by East African slave traders and its repercussions on the slave trade., by Charles Fountain

Thursday 25th November. The Chartists of 1839, by David Harrison, MA

Thursday 27th January. British spies and Double Agents, Brinley Morgan

Thursday 24th February. The story behind the BBC series, ‘Tales from the Green Valleys’, Peter Sommers

Thursday 5th March. Tea Party at Raglan Golf Club (speaker to be arranged)

Thursday 24th March. 'Development of Clocks' Dr John Kershaw

Winter Lecture programme 2009 – 2010

Thursday 29th October 2009:  Annual general meeting at 7:00pm followed by an illustrated talk by Dr Ray Howells, on 'The Iron Age"

Thursday 26th November 2009:  "Christmas in Roman Times" Mark Lewis

December 2009:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (no meeting)

January 28th 2010:  'Life and Time of the Sundial - a perspective on Divilisation's most enduring Timekeeper" Kevin Karney

February 25th 2010:  "Jack the Ripper" Roger Morgan

March 6th 2010:  Annual Tea Party at Raglan Golf Club

March 25th 2010:  'Development of Clocks' Dr John Kershaw

April 22nd 2010:  'On Tibet'  Elizabeth Friendship

Winter Lecture programme 2008 – 2009

26 February 2009, 'A lively presentation of the life and times of the 17th century' re-enactment group:  The Marcher Stuarts.' 7:30 pm, Raglan Primary School

Saturday, 7 March 2009 - Annual Tea Party and talk, 'Exploring 20th Century Raglan Village'  by Dr Cheryl Morgan.  2:30 pm, Raglan Golf Course Clubhouse 

26th March, 
'The Magic of Wales', by Chris Barber,  7:30 pm, Raglan Primary School

23rd April 2009, '
Down the Pit' A wonderfully illustrated talk on coal mining, by John Evans.  7:30 pm, Raglan Primary School

25 June 2009. Summer outing to 
Trewyn Manor House (Nr Pandy).  Please contact Wendy Marshall at 01873 840 644  for  further information.  

School Summer outings begin in May 2009. All outings are generally at 6:30pm for 7:00pm except for Trewyn Manor (3:35) and the Forest of Dean (7:15pm) . Please contact Wendy Marshall at 01873 840 644 to verify times, confirm your participation and to obtain directions for joining the outings

Thursday, 28th May 2009. Outing to 15th Century Henllys Court, Tregare. By kind permission of Mr. & Mrs. Thompson. Followed by a visit to Tregare Church.  The Rev. Simon Guest will meet us at Tregare Church at 8:00PM after our visit to Henllys Farm 

Thursday, 25th June 2009. Outing to Trewyn Manor House, Pandy Abergavenny NP7 7PG. By Kind permission of Valentine Walsh. NB. Please contact Wendy Marshall at 01873 840 644 to confirm your participation.  NB.  This is an afternoon meeting @3:35pm.  Directions:  From Abergavenny take A465.  Turn left by the Pandy Inn (opp: Caravan Site).  Straight on for approx 2 miles. Look left for a narrow lane with a small Trewyn sign opposite a large green barn and two 5 -barred gates.  Continue up lane to Trewyn Manor House 1st left.  Parking within house gates.  Extra cars may have to park dscreetly on the narrow lane. 

Thursday, 23rd July 2009 at 7:15pm. Outing to Speech House, Forest of Dean. Peter Ralph will provide a conducted tour of the house and area. (Charge of £3 per person to cover costs). 

Thursday, 24th September 2009. Outing to St Faiths Bacton Church and Abbey Dore.  Directions to St Faiths Church Bacton.  From Abergavenny roundabout take A465 towards Hereford.  At Pontrilas take B4347 towards Longtown past Abbeydore towards Bacton which is well signposted.  Afterwards return to Abbeydore which closes at dusk.  A guided tour will cost £1.50 per guest.  

Thursday, 22 October 2009 at 7:00pm. The AGM and Winter programme commences at Raglan School    

Programme 2007 

Thursday 22nd November 2007 - "The Medieval Coroner". Prof B. Knight

Thursday 24th January 2008 - "The Heraldry of Usk Castle".  Keith Underwood

Thursday 28th February 2008- "A Ship's Surgeon at the time of Nelson".  Roger Morgan

Thursday 27th March 2008 - "War Time in Usk 1939 - 45".  Jan Barrow

Thursday 24th April 2008 - "The Rolls Family and the Monmouth Museum Collections".  Andrew Helm

Cwm Farm Cider House Llangattock Lingoed

Thursday 24th May, Evening visit , 7:00pm 

Rare, purpose built Cider House dating from 1754, largely unaltered. Followed by Llangattock Church which has intricately-carved rood beams, 17thC pews, 18thC wall monuments plus a restored late Medieval wall painting
£2.50 per person

Llanvihangel Court, Llanvihangel Crucorney, Abergavenny

Thursday 28th June, Evening visit, 7:00pm

An historic 15C Tudor Manor House with landscaped gardens. Contains fine 17C panelling and plaster ceilings, with important oak staircase, stables and large barn. Among other historic associations it was a reputed hideaway for Charles I during the Civil War
£4.00 per person

Usk Castle

Thursday 26th July. Evening visit. 7:00pm

The Castle, on an elevated site over-looking the town, consists of inner and outer baileys strengthened by towers and surrounded by earth-work defences. It is one of the few to be privately owned and has been lovingly restored. Beautiful gardens have also been planted
£3.00 per person

Pembridge, Herefordshire

Thursday 27th September. Evening visit. 6:30pm

A guided tour of Pembridge Castle and other wonderful listed buildings in this thriving mediaveal black & white village, eg the unique octagonal detached Bell Tower dated 1208, the 16thC Market Hall, Merchants houses and cottages galore.
A44 between Leaminster and Kington
£2.50 per person
The AGM is on the 23rd October 2008, starting 7.00pm - a lecture follows entitled "Mistress Blanche - Queen Elizabeth I's Confidante" given by Ruth Richardson, starting 7.30 pm.


The lecture on 27th November 2008 is "The Family who lived at Raglan Castle" given by Anna Tribe - starts 7.30 pm.

December 2008:  No meeting

27th January 2009, 'The Forest of Dean' by Peter Ralph

26 February 2009, 'A lively presentation of the life and times of the 17th century' re-enactment group:  The Marcher Stuarts

26th March, 'The Magic of Wales', by Chris Barber

23rd April 2009, 'Down the Pit' A wonderfully illustrated talk on coal mining, by John Evans



Raglan Village History Trail Launch (Parce and Raglan), 2013

CM History tour

Not Just Bones and Stones (Summer Outing, St Cadoc’s Churchyard), 2012


Living in the Shadow of the Castle, 2011 (Raglan Gardeners)


The Swinging 30’s.  Cheryl Morgan, 2011 (Raglan Local History Group)


Raglan Local History Group:  Cheryl Morgan, 2007

CM Lecture DSCF1241.JPG


History Blog

10 years of Digital presence

Summary:  Since 2007, Raglan and District Local History Group (RLHG)  has had a digital presence  (note:  the internet moves very fast and new ways of spreading our work need to keep up.

·      2007-08, our first website was established at rootsweb.ancestry. com.  The website had 2 purposes:   To advertise upcoming  RLHG events  and to provide information about the history of Raglan District

·      2008 – RLHG officially supports the website and includes the domain name on the programme and in promotional literature

·      2009 – The website was formally approved by RLHG committee.  It included RLHG information and resources along with Raglan Local History (info about history of raglan, photo albums and blogs (short stories about Raglan Village)

·      2011 – Raglan History Group  Domain established.   To raise awareness and accessibility for Raglan Local History Group , an  domain  was established specifically for RLHG. 

·      2011 – Raglan Domesday wiki  for Raglan district  was approved.  In the last r years (from 2100 to November 2015, this wiki has had over 21,000 visits and a total of 85,377 page views

·      2012 2013:  RAGLAN ROOTS projects 2012 - 2013 . We obtained Heritage Lottery Fund’s as well as Raglan Roots, sense of Roots EU Fund.   to pay for ‘All our stories’.  The Raglanpedia website was established (and approved by RLHG)  as part of this project.  In addition, village and churchyard  QR digital tours were  linked to Raglanpedia.

·      2013:  Facebook:  Raglan District Roots  opened ( ).  As of November 2015 there are 287 members.  Note that this facebook group is linked to RaglanPedia and Raglan Domesday websites. 

·      2015:  We currently sponsor three websites:  Raglan Local History group, Raglan Domesday Wiki, Raglanpedia.   Each has a unique purpose.  We also have presence in facebook (raglan district  roots) and   twitter ( has 41 followers including Gwent Archives, Monmouth Museums, Federation of Family History Societies, Wales Remembers, Nelson Museum, Raglan Castle  and Raglan Primary School.     The Raglan Domesday wiki has been visited by 22,000 people since it began with over 85,000 page views.  We don’t have data on the impact of the others.  The Facebook page currently has 279 members and is growing everyday.


Life has changed over the last 10 years and so have we.  We have grown with the internet.

Cheryl L Morgan

Rev. 6, NOV 2015

Raglan Local History Group Exhibition (2015)

The Raglan Local History Committee  aranged an exhibition to show some of the work we have done and explain what we are about to attract new members

Elizabeth Friendship showed what the costumes worn by the Beauforte effigies would have looked like. Also paintings of some of the local churches with information about their treasures and special points of interest.

Simon James made a map of the fields in Llandenny with their names and possible origins.

Jackie Lea provided an  exhibition of herbs and explaining their uses in early times.

Judy Cecil shared an interesting collection of old irons and other bygones which she  exhibited and invited visitors to explain their original function. 

Importance of Public records Office - Nov. 19, 1959

Raglan Local History Group Lecture.  1959 

Anyone who thinks the preservation of records a dull subject should have attended the lecture at Raglan on Thursday last, when Mr. Baker, county archivist, had an audience of 24.  Keeping in mind the group’s ambition to produce a district history, he related nearly all he said to the Raglan area.  

Record offices are modern institutions and even the Public Record Office has ony existed 130 years, though records have been kept since Norman times.  Just before the last war, the Monmouthshire County Council established the Record Office at Newport, and Mr. Baker recalled some amusing mistakes, an archivist being confused with an anarchist; a visitor asking if she could buy long -playing records.  

He explained the functions of his office, which were not only the housing of documents but their restoration from the depredations of damp and insects which are very partial to a paper diet.  From time to time they have to be exhibited to the public, lectures have to be arranged to societies like the Raglan group, calendars or catalogues produced.  Such a guide has just been brought out and the group was presented with a copy.  

Perhaps the most interesting document Mr. Baker displayed was a photostat of “An Extent of the Manor of Raglan” of the year 1354.  It tells the kind of rent exacted by the lord; one leech from Walter Bloet of Rhiwlas and six collars for grey hounds.  Another Bloet was let off on payment of a mere chaplet of roses.  Then there was a Process Book covering the years 1720 to 1780, and this contained an insight into local behaviour.  A man in Llandenny was put ‘in process’ for keeping an unlicensed tippling house; another at Bryngwyn for pursuing the drover’s trade without a licence.  

It appears that licences were required for most everyday affairs.  Profaning the Sabbath by playing bowls or throwing ball when the culprit should have been in church, was a serious matter;  likewise keeping goats on the highway, stopping a water course and moving the village stocks.  

Mr. Baker mentioned reports on highways, the vital concern of everyone in a parish.  The proceedings of Friendly Societies, which came into being in 1794, give a great insight into parish administration.  It grew clear that none could properly study local history unless they availed themselves of the knowledge stored at the Record Office.  

Mrs. Blake spoke for everyone in a particularly happy vote of thanks.  As always, this lecture was arranged in co-opeation with University College, Cardiff.

Monmouth Cambrian Archaelogical Association congress excursions - 1857

Illustrated Usk Observer and Raglan Herald   —   15 August 1857  


-The 11 the annual congress of this Association is fixed to take place at Monmouth, on Monday next (the 17), and five following days, and the annexed excursions are proposed 

:-Monday, Aug 17th, starting from Monmouth at 12 o'clock—to Doward Camp, Goodrich Castle and Church; return to Monmouth -  remains of the Castle and Priory. 

- Tuesday, August 18th, starting from Mon- mouth at 9 o'clock—Troy House, carved oak mantle pieces, &c.; Trelleck, Druidical Stones, tumulus and Church, Tintern Abbey, &c. Intrenchment at Bigswear; return to Monmouth by 5. 15. 

- Wednesday, August 19, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock- Stanton Church the Buckstone, (a rocking stone) Maenhire the Scowles Roman mines, hermitage at Stow Grange, incised stones, and earthworks St. Briavel's Castle and Church Newland Church; return to Monmouth by 4 o'clock. 

- Thursday, August 20th, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock—Treowen House, tumulus Dingestow Castle; Tregaer church Bryngwyn tumulus Raglan Church and Castle; reception by the Caerleon Antiquarian Association; return to Monmouth in the evening, taking Mitchel Troy Church on the way; tea and Conversazione at the Beaufort Arms Hotel. 

- Friday, August 21st, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock—Pembridge Castle Grosmont Church and Castle; Skenfrith Church and Castle; New Castle return to Monmouth by 4 o'clock p.m. 

- Saturday, August 22nd, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock—Quakers' Cemetery at the Pant, established in 1664, and curious epitaph Penrose Entrenchment; Llantillio Crossenny Church, White Castle; return to Monmouth by 3 o'clock.

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Thursday 27th March  “Brunel in South Wales” Stephen Jones

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