Local Ways

During 2008, Monmouthshire Countryside Service initiated a community project in Raglan working in partnership with Raglan Community Council, Rural Community Action, Raglan School, Raglan Health Centre, Raglan Local History Group and other interested parties. (2008)

The project was split into two sections:

  • The first element involved surveying and improving the rights of way in and around the village and making them more user friendly. For this we have recruited 17 local volunteers to survey, clear, waymark and improve the paths. The Countryside Service provided all necessary equipment and trained volunteers on the use of tools and surveying techniques. Once completed, groups such as the Healthy Living Group from Raglan Surgery will find it easier to manage a healthy walk in the fields around the village.

  • The second section of the scheme was an “Intergenerational Project” with children from the school, who have been talking to long standing residents about recollections of their lives.

There have been several coffee mornings with year 4 at the school and some of the residents. The children have visited the Rural Life Museum in Usk to find out about how agriculture has changed, have had a talk from a local farmer and some have visited a farm. The information has been filmed and 2 DVDs are being produced; one of the school project to be used by the teachers in the future to study local history and one of the whole project to be given out to other communities who may be interested in becoming involved in similar projects in their own areas in the future.

The overall project was supported by MCC Local Agenda 21 grants, the Community Council, O2 Community Fund and the Countryside Council for Wales.

For more details or to obtain a copy of the DVD, "Raglan Local Ways", please contact Mark Langley 01291 691237 email: marklangley@monmouthshire.gov.uk

website: http://www.ralanlocalways.org.uk/

Created by Mark Langley, March 2008, updated, September 2008

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